T&R Services Florida LLC, is a company that provides accounting, administrative and financial advisory services, and currently has a strategic alliance agreement as an affiliate provider of the firm Reachers Inc.

This alliance and support have allowed T&R Services Florida to establish itself in the business area, guaranteeing the quality of our service to their clients, given the experience, knowledge and trajectory of Reachers, Inc.

We have highly qualified reliable personnel, who are ready to help you on your business and personal growth.


To offer comprehensive and quality solutions in accounting, administrative and financial services, providing advice through strategies and tools that allow continuous improvement in the business and personal field.



Establish a company that makes a difference in quality of service in accounting, administrative and financial advice for companies, businesses, and people within the United States.

Our Values

  1. Punctuality
  2. Responsibility
  3. Quality of service
  4. Respect for our clients
  5. Confidence


  1. Provide personalized and quality services to our customers.
  2. Establish a relationship of trust with our clients to maintain effective communication that generates optimal results.
  3. Constantly innovate our strategies and services using technologies that facilitate interaction with our clients.

Our team

Rosemarie Rosero

Rosemarie Rosero

General Manager

Extensive background and experience in managing the financial, administrative, and human resources areas.

Renato Troncozo

Renato Troncozo

Account executive

Experience in the management of financial, administrative, and human resources areas.