Notary services

Notarize your documents and carry out all your notarial procedures with us

We are close to you as allies to provide you with solutions, security, trust and, above all, speed in the authentication of all the transactions and documents that you require.

  • Count on our assistance in Notarization.
  • Validate any document that requires a notarial certification or stamp.

Now you can carry out your notarial procedures online or in person


Oaths and affirmations

Copy certification

Solemnizing marriages

Vehicule ID number verifications

Witness of opening safety deposit box

Commercial Leases

Providers Agreements

  1. Optimize your time and present the documents that you are going to validate or certify together with your current identification when visiting our offices
  2. Timely schedule your appointment through our website in the modality of your preference (Face-to-face or Online) according to the documents to be notarized.